Bo Mohlin Baby Trout

Here is my latest beauty, an awesome fly reel made by Bo Mohlin of Sweden, a fantastic reel maker, whose reels are absolutely comparable to Bogdan or other high end reels.
It is a Baby Trout class #5 - #6 and weighs about 145 grams. It is a perfect trout reel with a click drag and a very elegant S-handle.
Here are some pictures:

The frontside:

bo mohlin baby trout 3 Bo Mohlin Baby Trout

The backside:

bo mohlin baby trout back 3 Bo Mohlin Baby Trout

The reel fits perfectly into the very, very solid leather case:

bo mohlin baby trout case 3 Bo Mohlin Baby Trout

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12 Responses to “Bo Mohlin Baby Trout”

  1. Tomislav Cobanovic Says:


    My name is
    Tomislav Cobanovic
    Loka pri Zidanem Mostu 81
    1434 Loka
    mbf: 00386 31 56 28 23

    I see that you posses a beautiful Bo Mohlin Baby trout fly reel. I have always dreamed to own one. This model would fit my fly rod perfectly. I cant afford buying a new one for 770$ but would really like to buy this one.
    What is your price?
    With best regards,

  2. I’m sorry, but i don’t want to sell it.
    I just got it new and really fell in love with it.
    If i see an opportunity for one i will drop you a mail.

  3. Christian Rotter Says:

    Dear Ladies and Sirs,
    you answered to a question of a Slovenian flyfisher at Jan 9th, that it would be possilble to get another Baby Mohlin of a friend of you.
    Was it sold?
    If not and the Baby Mohlin is further available, could you pls. make a contact to the owner?
    Perhaps you can give further informations.
    Thank you for your efforts!
    Greetings from Bavaria with the best wishes for the new decade.
    Best regards, Christian

  4. Lucky man!

    I’ve been trying to get in contact with Bo to get one of these for months, but have yet to get a response. I understand from other blogs that he has health problems, and from the guy that designed his website that Bo isn’t keen on email at the best of times. So I’ll wait and dream….



  5. Hi Tomislav (& all),

    Please have a look on the Angling Auctions’ auction next March. There is a large collection of Mohlins which has been slowly being broken up over several auction, with many Baby & Mini Trout reels. Have a look at the past catalogues to see what has already been sold. I actually won a Mini Trout in a previous auction, an exquisite gold and gun metal blue one, which I unfortunately had to sell due to personal circumstances las year. They go for relatively little money, around £300 or so.

    Good luck,


  6. Normand Sperberg Says:

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