Awesome Fly Fishing Season Start

Yesterday the fishing season at our little river began, and i was lucky to have a day off and go fishing the whole day. During the winter i built my second self made split cane fly rod.
It is a "Hardy Palakona CC de France"-Taper, with weight class 6, and it is 8 feet long. Together with my Bo Mohlin Baby Trout and a DT 6 line its a great combination and casts wonderful.
After breakfast with a few other fly fishers we walked to our river and started fishing. The conditions were not good, because the water was still high and the weather forecast said rain and a little snow.
We fished till lunchtime, but no one was lucky and caught anything, except one that got a little trout.
But after lunch we changed the location to a place where the water was more calm, and after half an hour of fishing the first surprise:
pike fly fishing sm Awesome Fly Fishing Season Start

This pike was about about 63 cm long and it was really fun to catch it with my new split cane rod.

About 15 minutes later i hooked another pike a few centimeters bigger than the first, and my father in law caught an even bigger a few moments later:

pikes split cane bamboo rod sm Awesome Fly Fishing Season Start

The big pike was about 83 cm and more than 3 kg. So after a bad start this was an awesome first fishing day and i really enjoyed it.

Our little river is under normal conditions a trout river, and pikes are very uncommon, but these must have come with the high waters from an upstream dammed lake (water reservoir).
Due to the fact that we expected trouts, we didn't use steel leaders but only a 0.25 mm monofile leader and a small streamer. Without the smooth action of a good bamboo rod i think we would have lost all these fishes.

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  3. There is nothing better than to eat a good breakfast and head out to go fishing!

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