Abu Record Standard

Following my series of classic fly reel pictures i like. After the famous ABU Delta, here is another great ABU fly fishing reel:

The ABU Record Standard

The Record Standard was manufactured by ABU under the brand of ABU and Pebco (Model 5). They were similiar in design and specifications and were build in Sweden from 1942 to 1965. They had a capacity of 100 yards of backing under the flyline.

abu rekord standard front s Abu Record Standard abu rekord standard back sm Abu Record Standard
ABU Record Standard Front ABU Record Standard Back
abu rekord standard side sm Abu Record Standard
ABU Record Standard Side  

On the backside it is labeled with "RECORD Standard", "MADE IN SWEDEN" and "A.B. URFABRIKEN SVÄNSTA", that means something like "A.B. Clock Manufacturer Sweden".
It is not in mint condition, but hey it is pretty old.

If you are looking to purchase a ABU fly reel, have a look at our ABU fly reel page.

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3 Responses to “Abu Record Standard”

  1. Angling Spools « Blog Archive « Fishing MMX (2010) Says:

    [...] on a distinct style of tossing than the previous reels, the fly-casting spool does not use the weightiness of its hook and sinker; rather it applies really less weighing baits [...]

  2. Jessika Andersson Says:


    Sat and watched the net for a fishing reel at the name “Record Defaults ” (fly reel), and fell into your website where I found a picture on the exact roll.
    Now I am a bit curious about more info than you had on your page! you know maybe a little more maybe what it is in the price of which is collectible or something like that!
    Or if you know anywhere I can turn to learn more about it!

    thanks for a very nice website with info etc., and sincerely hopes that you might have a chance to help me a bit, or maybe know more myself =)

    Many grateful greetings Jessika Anderson

  3. Hi Jessika,

    sorry for replying so late, too much fishing ;-)

    The Abu Record Standard is a beautiful classic reel, but i don’t what it is actually worth, you can find an auction here, maybe you can watch it and find out what people are willing to pay.


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