Abu Delta 3

With this post i'm starting a series of reel pictures from fly reels that i love because i think they were milestones in reel development or design, or maybe simply because i like them.
The reels are mine or from friends or family collectors and fly fishers.
I want to start with a reel manufacturer from sweden (in former times from sweden i think) that is better known for his multireels - ABU.
The first reel in my little series is a ABU Delta 3, it' a really great design for a fishing reel and the only one i know that is triangular.

Here are some pictures of the ABU Delta 3:

abu delta 3 front sm Abu Delta 3 abu delta 3 back sm Abu Delta 3
ABU Delta 3 Front Abu Delta 3 Back

It is not in mint condition, but hey it was pretty cheap at a flyfair meeting in Holland for about 25$.
If i remember right, there is one bigger model of this reel, that is called "ABU Delta 5".

If you are looking to purchase a ABU fly reel, have a look at our ABU fly reel page.

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